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Dec 17, 2020

Vaccine Twilight - Christmas event

Vaccine Twilight  - Christmas event

Christmas 2020 Online Service: Vaccine Twilight From 24 Dec noon - 26 Dec 10pm. Invite friends to view together over a Christmas meal. Pass the message "Vaccine Bottle". Share the message

May 22, 2020

Holy Communion 圣餐礼

Holy Communion 圣餐礼

We will conduct Holy Communion during online worship. All baptized believers are welcomed to be a part of this sacrament. Please prepare a piece of plain cracker and a small cup of Ribena

Apr 8, 2020

Worship Announcements 崇拜报告 (4 Apr 2020)

欢迎参加 为道的在线崇拜 Welcome to S-Word online worship service. 彼此鼓励 不要错过任何在线崇拜 Encourage one another not to miss any online worship. Last Week's Worship 上周崇拜 : Worship attendance 崇拜参与者 : Only God knows 唯有神知道 Next Week's Online

Feb 27, 2020

Nurturing Class Postponed 培训课程延期

Nurturing Class Postponed 培训课程延期

Facing the Coronavirus period: The Church Nurturing class scheduled to commence on 15 Feb 2020 is now postponed till further notice. Do attend church worship service if there is no health or restriction