🗓 21/02/2019, THURSDAY [Galatians: Intro 7/7. 加拉太书引言 7/7]

Gal 1-2: Paul defends his apostleship.

Gal 3-4: Paul defends justification by faith.

Gal 5-6: Paul defends living in the Spirit’s guidance.

加 1-2: 保罗卫护使徒身份。

加 3-4: 保罗卫护因信称义。

加 5-6: 保罗卫护圣灵带领的生活。

Please read through Galatians (using an unmarked Bible) if possible within 1 sitting and mark out verses that impacted you. Write down new insights that you have about the book through this reading.