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第一堂 Session 1:
1. 我们一生有许多的需求,这与“为己无所求” 和 “为主无所留” 这两个观念似乎有冲突,因为神也常应许赐福于他的子民。 但是耶稣基督如此般的捨己实在是一种彻底的委身表现。我们应当如何行,才算是委身? 以上这些讨论与保罗在第四章10至13节所说的”他在任何境况中都知足“有何关係?
We have many requests in our lives, and "asking not for oneself" and "giving it all up for the Lord" seem to be at odds, because God also promises to bless His people. However, the extent of Jesus' giving of himself shows us what it means to be fully committed. How should we act, to be considered as committed? And what relation do these points have with what Paul says in 4:11 that "I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content"?

2. 我们个人过去有什麽地方曾经顺服神,放下自我,遵行神的话的生活经历,可以分享一二吗? 同时也分享为何要顺服神,顺服神结果如何?
Do we have personal experiences where we have obeyed God, and denied ourselves to follow His word? Let's share 1-2 experiences. Also, what were the outcomes of this obedience?





一. 停止让魔鬼在你的心里留空间

二. 及时的悔改是蒙主怜悯的管道

三. 把你的心意放置在神的国度里

1. 什么事情让魔鬼有机会在你的生命里工作?什么是你现在需要及时悔改的罪?

2. 耶稣在你生命中还没有掌权的地方有哪些?你要如何将你的心意放置在神的国度里?


Sermon Title: A Price to Pay

Scriptures: Matthew 26:1-25, Matthew 6:33

Sermon focus: Learn and reflect from the life of Judas Iscariot and be warned from his life.

Outline/Main Points:
Three Warnings from
the Life of Judas

 (1) Don't allow the Devil any room in your heart

(2) A timely repentance is a channel of God's mercy

(3) Place your desires and will in God's kingdom

Respond Questions:
(1) What are the areas in your life that allow the Devil to work on? What are the matters in your life that you need to repent now?

(2) What are the areas in your life that Jesus have not yet ruled over? How do you place your desires and will in God's kingdom?


Topic 题目:
Triumphant entry to Jerusalem

Text 经文:
Matthew 马太福音 21:1-11

Sermon emphasis:


Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly, revealing His Messianic identity through humble and obedient deeds to fulfill God’s will.

Reflect & Discuss

1) 你对耶稣进入耶路撒冷最深刻的印象是什么?
What is your deepest impression of Jesus as He entered into Jerusalem?

2) 请分享在事奉神的那四方面当中,有那些是你想改善的?
Please share which of the 4 areas about serving God that you wish to improve on?


Topic 题目:
Jesus "sounded off" His alarm

Text 经文:
John 约翰福音 11:17-44

Sermon emphasis:

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, revealing Himself to be the Messiah sent by God.

Reflect & Discuss:

1) What have you learned from Jesus’ response to Martha, Mary, and the Jews who scorned Him (v.37)?

从耶稣对马大、马利亚及藐视祂的犹太人 (v.37) 的回应中、你有什么学习?

2) What are some helpful ways for us to remain thankful to God for being able to participate in His work?


Date 日期: 31/8/18, 1/9/18

Text 经文: 太 Matthew 19:13-15

Topic 讲题: 重视耶稣所看重的 Focus on what Jesus values

Sermon emphasis 信息重点:

耶稣重视小孩并为孩子祝福, 也以小孩的谦卑为例论到进神国的要素。
Jesus values and blesses children, and uses their humility to illustrate entrance to God's kingdom.

Reflect & Discuss 反省及讨论问题:

1. 你要如何帮助小孩来认识主, 得到主的祝福?
How can you help children to know and be blessed by Jesus?

2. 你要如何支持或参与儿童的事工?
How can you support or involve in children ministry?