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1. 你对"容忍"的定义是什么?

2. 你要如何处理你生命中的"迦南人"?

Judges 1 Discussion Questions:

3. There is no such thing as absolute inclusiveness and tolerance. If there is, it will eventually lead to anarchy. What kind of boundary would God want us to draw for ourselves against total inclusivity and tolerance of wrongs, so that we are standing firm in our faith?

4. The failure to drive out the Canaanites led to the confinement of God's people (v34). Instead of conquering for God, God's people were confined by their enemies. What adjustments should you have in your life to ensure that you are conquering the world for Jesus and not confining your faith such that it becomes a personal affair without impact on the world?


“Overview of Judges” Sermon statement (8/8/2015).
The Book of Judges describes the extent of Israel’s disobedience to God; thus showing their need of a godly king (17:6; 21:25).

Questions for reflection:
1) What do you find most difficult to get rid of in order to benefit your relationship with God?

2) How would you like to contribute to ensure the next generation will not drift away from following God?

士师记概论讲道要点 (8/8/2015):
士师记描述以色列如此违背神;就显示了他们需要一个敬虔的国王 (17:6; 21:25).


1) 为了使你和神的关系进步,在你生命中,有什么需要除去但很难做得到?

2) 你可以有什么贡献,好让下一代不会远离神?