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Topic 题目: The glorified Jesus is the centre of it all. 荣耀的耶稣是一切的中心.

(Matthew 马太福音 17:1-9)

Sermon emphasis:

Jesus displays His glory on the mountaintop transfiguration to motivate the disciples to follow Him faithfully.

耶稣透过登山变象显出祂的荣耀, 来激励门徒忠心的跟随祂。

Reflect & Discuss:

1) In which area do you find most difficult to listen to Jesus? How can you overcome it?

你在那一方面最难听从耶稣? 你当如何克服?

2) Peter remembers Jesus' transfiguration. Can you share one impactful experience that motivates you to live for Jesus.

彼得记得耶稣登山变象, 请分享一个激励你为主而活的经历。


Topic 题目: From knowing to experiencing Jesus

(Matthew 马太福音 14:22-33)

Sermon emphasis:

Jesus allows the disciples to go through a storm in order for them to grow from knowing to experiencing Him deeper.


Reflect & Discuss

1) Which of the 4 applications do you need to improve on? How would you do it?


2) Share one event in which you had a deeper experience of God.


1-2/6/2018 Sermon

讲题: 生命中最大的满足
Topic: Greatest satisfaction in life.

经文: 可6: 30-44
Text: Mark 6:30-44

信息重点 Emphasis:

要学习耶稣有怜悯人的心肠, 要感恩能够事奉给主来使用, 要乐意献上成为别人的祝福。We must learn to be compassionate like Jesus, be thankful that we can serve God, and be willing to contribute to bless others.

讨论题目 Discussion questions:

1. 耶稣怜悯人的心肠如何激励了你?
How does Jesus' compassionate heart motivate you?

2. 你可以献上什么来祝福别人?
What can you contribute to bless others?


Herod & John The Baptist

MATTHEW 14:1-12
马太 14:1-12

1. Be aware of sin's effects on family relations.

2. Proclaim truth courageously.

3. Be willing to pay the price for proclaiming the truth.

4. Be sensitive and responsive to God's grace and mercy to you.

5. Look to Jesus Christ (example, encouragement).

6. God is alive, continue to trust and wait upon him.

1. 敏感与罪对家庭关系的影响。

2. 勇敢的传讲真理。

3. 愿意为传讲真理而付上代价。

4. 要敏感与神对你所赐下的恩典及怜悯,并且要回应!

5. 面向耶稣基督(榜样,勉励)。

6. 神是活的!继续的信赖等候祂。

2018/05/13 Sermon

Jesus honours faith in Him
(Luke 路加福音 8:40-56)

Sermon emphasis:

Jesus demonstrates His power to do the humanly impossible for those who have faith in Him.


Reflect & Discuss 反省及讨论问题:

1) In what ways does the woman in this story motivate you to testify for God?


2) How has God trained and strengthened your faith in Him in the past 12 months?