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日期: 10/12/2017

讲题 : 学习雅各的生平与事奉

经文 : 雅各4:13-17

中心思想 :


1 : 耶稣基督的复活是我们信仰的根基。我们确信吗?在生活中,我们可以如何见证这位复活的主呢?

2 : 耶稣基督是赏赐和审判的主(参雅1:5和5:9)。作为基督徒,这对我们有什么鼓励和提醒呢?


John witnessed what he saw (John 20:30-31; 1 John 5:13; Rev 1:1-2).
(约20:30-31; 约一书5:13; 启1:1-2)

Sermon emphasis 信息重点:

The apostle John witnessed for God with the writing of 3 categories of the Scriptures: gospel, epistles and prophecy.


Reflection Questions 反省问题:

1. How does the assurance of eternal life in Jesus Christ affect your life?


2. In what areas of watchfulness do you need to improve while waiting for Jesus' return?



Be a witness (Acts 6-7)
成为见证人 (徒 6-7)

Sermon emphasis 信息重点:
Stephen witnessed faithfully for the Lord, and God used his martyrdom to spark a wave of evangelism that brought the gospel beyond Jerusalem (Acts 8:1,4).

司提反忠心见证主, 神使用他的殉道, 激励信徒将福音传扬于耶路撒冷以外的地方(徒 8:1,4)。

Reflection Questions 反省问题:

1. What have you learned most in the life of Stephen?

2. In what areas do you need to improve to be a good witness for the Lord Jesus?
你需要在哪方面改善, 以致能成为主耶稣美好的见证人?

Sermon Title: Birth of the Church

Scripture: Acts 1 - 2

日期:4 Nov 2017

主题思想 Theme:

The church exists to be the witness of the risen Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to bring people into God's kingdom to receive the blessings in this life and eternal life!

Scripture memory:

可是圣灵降临在你们身上,你们就必领受能力,并且要在耶路撒冷、犹太全地、撒玛利亚,直到地极,作我的见证人。(徒一8 )

8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)


Introduction: Background and overview of book of Acts

二、本论 Content:

教会的诞生 The birth of the Church

一、预备期 Preparation
Waiting for the promise and receving of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:1-11)

Praying in one accord and submitting to the authority of the Bible (Acts 1:12-26)

二、成立期 Formation
Filled with the Holy Spirit and saved through repentance (Acts 2:1-39)

Edifying and fellowshiping with one another (Acts 2:40-47)



The church exists to be the witness of the risen Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to bring people into God's kingdom to receive the blessings in this life and eternal life!


S-Word will continue to write on the stories of the witnesses of the Gospel after Act chapter 28. Let us be the witnesses for our generation!

问题讨论 Discussion:


How do you engage in the gatherings of the "church"?Do you feel that the church cannot function without you, or you are the one who need the church?


How will you use your life to write on the story of Christ’s witnesses after Act chapter 28, which constitute the life story of S-Word?

以斯帖: 讨论问题

1 如果你是以斯帖,在生命中哪一个部分对你最宝贵?

2 看见王后,宰相,日子都可以这么翻转。。你应当如何信靠神!

The life and ministry of Esther remind us about God's sovereign guidance in this world and His call for us to participate in His redemptive plans.

1. If no events in this world happen by chance, how do we make sense of God's redemptive guidance in this world filled with sufferings?

2. Why does God seem silent when we are going through life's challenging moments? What are the ways that would enable us to witness His guidance in such situations?