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在耶稣里的生命本质 A Life That's in Jesus

约翰福音 John 2:1-11

耶稣行的神迹证明出祂就是"弥赛亚"、就是"救主"! Jesus' miracles showed that He's the "Messiah" and the "Saviour"!

1. 耶稣能够解决你的困难 Jesus can resolve your difficulties

2. 耶稣给你更美好的生命 Jesus can give you a better quality life

3. 耶稣就是你生命的主宰 Jesus is the Lord of your life

Discussion Questions

1. 我们与耶稣基督的关系是如何的呢?我们是否有让耶稣基督在我们的生命里做出在质量上的改变?How is our relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ? Have we allowed Him into our lives to turn it around qualitatively?

2. 我的生命如何与耶稣基督的生命联合,以致祂能够成为我做决策的中心?How can I integrate my life with Jesus such that He is at the centre of my decision making?






Sermon Statement: The Life and Ministry of the Southern Kings remind us the need to deal with our idolatrous and prideful heart and to come to God in humility, seeking repentance and renewal.

1. Issue of an idolatrous heart: In which aspect of your life that God and his Word cannot rule and what should you do about it?

2. Issue of a prideful heart: Why is it difficult to come to God in humility and what can you do to develop a humble spirit before God?


Life and Ministry of the Northern Kingdom (1Kings 12-2Kings 17)

1. The kingdom was divided (Northern & Southern kingdoms) but yet intertwined. It was the same God that had brought them out of Egypt, they crossed the Red Sea together.

Application (1): Cherish unity. Be aware that disunity is unnatural and tiring. It leads to chaos, isolation and decay. Reference to nobody in a spiritual community is a contradiction in terms. In reality, there is only one God and one Church.

2. Do not walk in the ways of Jeroboam, who created his own cult with golden calves, leading people astray, appointed his own non-Levitical clergy and dictated his own religious festivals.

Application (2): Avoid Walking In The Ways of Jeroboam. Be careful, because idolatry and blasphemy are just a short stroke away from God's Word. Read God's Word daily to beef up spiritual immune system.

3. Feel The LORD's Pain - Application (3): Respond to His love by loving Him back with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.


A nation’s division: cause & consequence (1 Kings 12)

信息重点 Sermon Emphasis:

King Rehoboam lacked a servant attitude in ruling the nation, which resulted in the nation’s division and subsequent idolatry practice. Leaders need to serve people and to influence them to draw nearer to God.

讨论问题 Discussion Questions:
1) 有什么方法能帮助我们培养仆人的心态?
What are some helpful ways to cultivate in us a servant attitude?

2) 在影响人更亲近神这方面,有什么困难或满足的地方?
What are some challenges or satisfaction in influencing people to draw nearer to God?


The Life and Ministry of King Solomon (1Kg 1-11)

Solomon dispensed justice for the lowly (1Kgs 3:16-22), enjoyed the fulfillment of God's land promises to Abraham (1Kgs 4:20-21,24), maintained peace with other nations (1Kg 9:10-12) and even brought the whole nation under God (1Kgs 8:1-61).

However, he changed for the worse, instituted slavery eventually (1Kgs 9:15-21), dishonoured God (1Kg 9:11), focused on power prestige and wealth (1Kg 9:15-21) and brought his people away from God (1Kg 10:23-11:6).


1. Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. Have my "wisdom" and "knowledge" of today slowly become the kind that is void of fear of the LORD and His Word? On what matter(s) have I slowly deviated?

2. Solomon's life displayed the narrator's warning about the trappings of wealth, knowledge, fame and prosperity warped by a heart that is not right with God at its core. What is at the core of my heart today?