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14/06/2017 Sermon Message: "But Seek First"

Reflections and Discussions

1. As a disciple of Christ, what takes first place in the order of priorities in your life at this point?

2. How can we best seize the opportunities of life on earth, to change the world of others?

14/06/2017 聚会讲题:“要先求”的





Chosen to do God’s purpose (Life of David)

Sermon Emphasis 信息重点:
David guarded his heart to serve God’s purpose in his own generation. When attacked, he honored God and trusted His way. When he sinned against God, he humbly confessed and sincerely repented.

Discussion Questions 讨论问题:
(1) Which area(s) of David’s life are you most thankful to God for?

(2) What is most difficult in guarding your heart to do God’s purpose?



1. Life under God's Spirit
(1Sam 9 - 12)

2. Life under his own spirit
(1Sam 13 - 16:13)

3. Life under a harmful spirit
(1Sam 16:14 - 31:13)

Reflection Questions:

a. Have I embraced God's Spirit in my heart, by really believing in and trusting Jesus Christ?

b. How can I please God today, by avoiding living under one's own whims and fancies and all?

c. What have I done to warn others of the consequences of living without God at all today, or living in hell without Him forever?


Sermon Statement: 1 Samuel 1-8 reminds us that to be a blessing to God’s kingdom, we must give our devotion to God and honor him in all our ways.

1. What is God's calling for you that requires your devotion? If you give your devotion to this matter, how would it become a blessing to God’s kingdom?

2. In which areas of your life are you not honoring God? What should you do about it?

讲道重点: 撒母耳记上1-8章提醒我们要成为神国度的祝福,我们对神要忠诚,并在所有事上尊重祂。

1. 神在你生命中有给你什么呼召是需要你忠诚的去完成的?若你在这事情上付出你的忠诚,这将怎么样地成为神国的祝福?

2. 在你生命中有哪一方面不尊重神?你应该如何处理此事?


"I call the shots" 以自我为中心 (Book of Judges 士师记)

Sermon Emphasis 信息重点:

A life with no consideration for God will only go from bad to worse.

Discussion Questions 讨论问题:

(1) How are you showing obedience to your parents?

(2) How are you supporting the team of leaders in church?