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Topic 题目:
Galatians Overview

Sermon emphasis 信息重点:
Paul wrote Galatians to help gentile believers be assured of being saved by faith in Jesus without having to observe Jewish laws.


Reflect & Discuss 反省及讨论问题:

1) Read through Galatians in one sitting. Is there any verse that impressed you deeply?

2) Have you ever doubted being saved simply by believing in Jesus? How did you overcome it?


Sermon Topic: New Year Sing New Song (Psa 33:1-6)

Focus: In this New Year, sing a NEW SONG, powered by new hearts and mind, with legitimate content

1. New: not necessarily a song unheard before, but one fresh from the singer's heart;

2. New: because it was due to a changed outlook or frame of mind.

3. New: because it was due to some new mighty deeds of God experienced, that come from a new impulse of a thankful heart.

Meditation: (a) How can I respond to God's delight in His people? (Zep 3:17) (b) How can I respond better to God's deliverance from enemies and sin with praise? (Isa 35:10).


Sermon Topic: Witnesses and Martyrs (Acts 1:8)

The "But" in "But you will receive power..." points to Jesus' rebuttal to the disciples' request of restoring the kingdom to Israel.

Jesus refocused them to their primary task of being His witnesses & to be martyrs (sacrifice or suffer, if necessary) to the ends of the earth rather than being curious about the future (as determined by the Father in heaven).

Reflect & Discuss:

Q1: Have you experienced God and His salvation personally enough so as to be His effective witnesses and present Him with integrity?

Q1: Being His witness also encompasses the role of being His advocate to pursue His interests and agenda. Are you training ourselves to be His good spokespersons and carry out His plans?

Sermon 5/1/2019

Topic 题目:
Win One

Text 经文:
林前 1 Cor 9:19-27

Sermon emphasis

Paul adopted a servant’s attitude. This was demonstrated by his flexibility in treating people and his focused self-discipline,
in order to Win One.


Reflect & Discuss

1) Meditate and try to memorize 1 Cor 9:19.
What does this verse remind you of?

2) How to improve your flexibility in treating people?

3) How would you want to start training self-discipline in order to live for God’s purpose?

第二堂 Session 2:
1. 我们应该如何看人,以谦卑的心态来看人与同心委身有何关係?
How should we view man, and the relationship between humility and committing together?

2. 我们如何能在价值观上彻底改变,把以前看为有益的,如今看为有损的? 这个改变有什麽属灵的好处?
How can we have a total change in our values, to view as gain what we might have used to view as loss? How does this change benefit us spiritually?

3. 我们如何看待个人与神的关係? 神与我们的关係重要吗? 为什麽? 可以自由分享。
How should we view our personal relationships with God? Is our relationship with God important? Why? (Free sharing)