2024 F3 Info

2024 Theme: Renewed Service 更新事奉: God’s sovereignty renews His people’s service to Him. 神的主权更新祂百姓的事奉。

2024 Worship Services Jan-Feb:  Combined Services from 01/01/2024-02/03/2024: L-I-G-H-T (Church Health 教会健康的成长) Matt 太 5:14-16
L: Leadership Development 领袖栽培
I: Individual Contribution 个人贡献
G: Group Connection 小组联系
H: Healthy Lifestyle 健康生活
T: Truth Foundation 真理基础

Pulpit text: Daniel & Ezekiel for the rest of 2024. Details send later. Child Dedication Service: 27/07/2024 (No baptism service scheduled on 2024 unless needed). Combined Prayer after service: 06/01/2024, 13/01/2024, 06/07/2024, 13/07/2024. Mid Week Service (for June BRT weekend): on Wed 05/06/2024, no service on Sat 08/06/2024.

2024 Bible Study: New Testament Survey: Course Duration: 2nd Jan 2024 to 12th Nov 2024 (Tuesdays, excluding MOE school holidays) 课程日期: 02/01/2024–12/11/2024 (星期二,教育部学校假期除外)
Materials' Language: English and Chinese versions available. 资料的语言: 英语版、华语版。
Lecture Language: Chinese (important points repeated in English). 教课语言: 华语 (少许英语重复重要重点)
Venue 地点: Onsite JE134 & Online Zoom (实体及在线). 7:30pm–8:45pm
Teacher: RSP

2024 Devotion: F3 & F2 would have joint devotion on Sundays to Fridays in both English and Chinese. Materials would be published 6 days in advance at https://www.s-word.net/tag/devotion/

Church Camp 2024: 13-16 Dec 2024 (Friday to Monday). Currently assigned to F2.

Evangelistic Outreach 2024: 21/12/2024 (Saturday). Currently assigned to F3.

2024 CG activities "Student Initiated Learning" (SIL) styled: Self-planned for F3.1, F3.5, F3.7, F3.8, F3.10, F3Majulah to fulfill the "horizontal-connection" needs, support and belonging of each CG member.

This is to complete the triangular of (1) Down to up Worship: people to God, (2) Up to Down Bible Study: Word to people and (3) Horizontal limb of triangle: people connect with others for disciple-disciple influence and journeying together. Suggested frequency: 2 activities per month. Each CG to plan for itself. CGs are encouraged to also include on adhoc basis combined activities between 2 or 3 CG at JE134 on Sundays 10am-12:30pm with optional lunch. Consult RSP if required or to book venue.