QT Bright or Dark, God is there Esther10:1–3 Week 49: 30/11/2023. Thu

QT Bright or Dark, God is there Esther10:1–3 Week 49: 30/11/2023. Thu

Bright or Dark, God is there
Week 49: 30/11/2023. Thu

Our paths on earth are sometimes brightly lit, yet dim at other times just like the initial chapters of Esther.

Esther 10:2–3 And all the acts of his power and might, and the full account of the high honor of Mordecai, to which the king advanced him, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia? [3] For Mordecai the Jew was second in rank to King Ahasuerus, and he was great among the Jews and popular with the multitude of his brothers, for he sought the welfare of his people and spoke peace to all his people. (ESV)

Yet we see the rise of Mordecai and his people at the end of the book of Esther. We note that God does not operate by a fixed formula or script that requires him to act the same way in the book of Esther or at any other time in history.

We see this difference when God acted in Exodus: in Exodus God was powerfully visible to both Pharaoh as well as God's people. Fire and thunder manifested God's power. The plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea awed all observers big and small, military or otherwise. God's confrontation with Pharaoh and all he represented was direct and visible.

However, in the book of Esther, the light and fire of the God of Exodus seemed to have disappeared—but not actually so. God was not within sight, so to speak. In this book, God was so hidden that the Jews were forced to come up with new festivals to commemorate their deliverance from Haman. Hey, the heroine herself (Esther) was missing from the grand finale of the book (Esther 10).

Be it your days are without light, or very bright, do know for sure today that the God of Exodus and the God of Esther is the same God, the God of deliverance in BOTH dark and bright times. Only a true God could have done it BOTH ways. Trust God!