June 25, 2021

FAQs for Commitment Form July 2021 Signing (Admin Month):

Question 1: Why are there only 3 current personal data to be verified (Name, Chinese Name, Handphone)?

Answer 1: (a) To streamline the form signing process and enhance data privacy, we won't pre-populate forms with any personal data. (b) The handphone number is most used for our current mode of info dissemination. (c) The English and Chinese names are required for MPs to easily identify the members of the returned forms. (d) We won't collect data not currently or frequently used in ministry. (e) Go green and enhance social distancing under current COVID-19 pandemic.

Question 2: Is it necessary to print out on the PDF Commitment Form onto paper to fill up/sign?

Answer 2: There is no need to printout on paper if you can e-sign on the PDF directly and return to your MP. If you need to print out the PDF onto page and fill-up/sign, it is preferred that you scan the final document into PDF before returning to your MP. This is to aid the MP into uploading your form into church system for archive & easy reference by church secretary for Annual Congregational Meeting purposes.

Question 3: Can I write into the blank spaces, or do I need to type?

Answer 3:
(a) For "Name", "Chinese Name" and "Handphone Number" and "Date Signed" ONLY, you can either write OR type into the allocated space.

(b) However, for "Signature", you SHOULD NOT TYPE your name into it. The returned form is to bear your "signature". This "signature" can be either a scanned copy of your signature signed on paper with a pen, OR e-signed electronically using a stylus pen or using a finger on touch screens.

Question 4: How do I return my signed forms to my MP?

Answer 4: Contact your MP for the preferred mode. However, do note that you might wish to assist your MP (if possible) by sending him the final document in (preferably) PDF format because your MP would be responsible to file your signed form into the church system in PDF format too.

Question 5: How should I name my soft-copy PDF form before I send to my MP?

Answer 5: Any forms returned to MP using the PDF format should be named with your [Name-as-per-NRIC].pdf. This would enable the MP/Coreteam and others helping with admin to easily view/manage all the returned forms easily and save time during filing/organisation/verification.

Question 6: Who should I seek help from if I have any difficulty in signing the Commitment Form or further enquiry?

Answer 6: Contact your MP.