COVID-19 is more than a virus——it is a fire that BURNS positively.  This article is for S-Word EFC community reading only.


Firstly, COVID-19 has increased the general hygiene level and awareness.

Illustration: Equipment not wiped with damp cloth for the past 2 years 3 months are cleaned repeatedly now (Oops! Apologies).  We no longer bring food into the study room and let it rot and turn mouldy for days, aren’t we?  Gross neglect of personal hygiene is BURNT.

Am I upping the game on personal hygiene?

Secondly, moral hygiene might improve during DORSCON Orange too.  The COVID-19 virus and the measures associated BURNS many routes to sin.

Illustration: Few celebrate sickness, but the symptoms of it delay or even stop immoral habits physically, e.g., routine clandestine travels to adulterous appointments derail due to physical impairments/barriers brought about by the virus.  A Quarantine, LOA or SHN might BURN these routes further, exert legal pressure, and stop the decline into further moral chaos.

Is this The LORD’s way of warning for the sake of holiness, before He sends a DORSCON RED into our lives by  performing more drastic surgeries to get rid of suffocating tumours?

Thirdly, these impairments and restrictions not only slow us down, they also increase the pace and space allotted for meditation and reflection.

Illustration:  A 14-day LOA might be painful for a person used to a rushed calendar.  Even seemingly harmless activities like the unending scuttling from eatery to eatery searching for food & beverage that excite and placate the taste-buds are met with the deeper COVID-19 induced thinking question: Is this the most meaningful way to live?

What can be BURNED and discarded from our lives? Shallowness & meaninglessness?

Fourthly, COVID-19 fire BURNS THROUGH facades and surfaces the true-self behind them. We are not talking about secretive sects that become exposed in the midst of COVID-19, we are focusing on self-discovery within ourselves and our community.

Illustration: Without COVID-19, the declarations of allegiance to the LORD and the worship of Him are not tested.  When COVID-19 fire BURNS through our calendars, it would become more obvious which are the less important things that you would drop and which are the items that you hold on too dearly that “cannot fall.”

Through this process of BURNING PURIFICATION, we might find that our core underlying values of life might actually be money rather than The LORD, self-interests before blessing others, academic education in school rather than character formation at church, this world only rather than the next.

COVID-19 gives you the opportunity to become self-aware of our own true values. Would you re-route your life, reboot into God’s operating system and values?


Fifth, when purification by-products become clear, good stuffs might appear out of the BURNING FIRE.

You can be thankful to COVID-19, because when (not if) we “go to war” in the future, you know who you can count on.  You now know who you would want to bring along.  You now know who you can depend on for your life,in addition The LORD.

We might think that we have many friends, but why are we feeling lonely much of the time?

Am I the type of friend that always have an air-ticket on standby so that I can flee at the slightest discomfort?

Am I a friend, only when I can rub something out of you?

Having gone through SARS 2003, and now going through COVID-19, I must say that if you have not found any good friends yet, at least have one in The LORD who created the heavens and the earth——the one who also created the Sun and other BURNING FIRES for His sovereign purposes.
May the LORD bless you and keep you in all that you do this week.

15th March 2020, morning, JE134 penned.