Eternal Word. Mortal audience?

Eternal Word. Mortal audience?

Eternal Word. Mortal audience?
Week 11: 10/03/2023. Fri

Zechariah 1:5 Your fathers, where are they? And the prophets, do they live forever? (ESV)

Zechariah points to the eternal nature of God's word. This is contrasted with his mortal audience and their ancestors. "Where are they?" begs for the answer "No longer here".

In contrast, Zechariah was reminding his audience that God's divine revelation, His word, is sure and true. Pointing back to their history, what God had said about the destruction of their Jerusalem then and the associated temple which was housed in the city, came true.

Just as God's word have been proven as powerful and true to Zechariah's audience, the audience should now accept that God's word regarding their restoration upon repentance would also be effective and blessed.

Indeed, the priestly activities would continue in the rebuilt temple (1:14—17), their land would be cleansed (see 3:8—10). And with the arrival of the promised future Davidic king (3:8), the mortal audience would participate in the everlasting life, peace, prosperity and harmonious relationships with God once again.

Just like the garden of Eden, a return to immortality. The prophetic words of Zechariah should thus be read as an encouragement, to return to God, and accepted by faith.