Glorious Finale

Glorious Finale

Glorious Finale–9
Week 18: 28/04/2023. Fri

Zechariah 13:9... I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The LORD is my God.’” (ESV)

It would not be easy to arrive at a situation where both parties to a covenant acknowledge the relationship sincerely. Zechariah 13:7–9 revealed that purification was required before this ideal conclusion become reality.

The truly sincere believers is NOT all who attend the religious gatherings. In fact, Zechariah declares that both shepherds and sheep numbers would be less than all–only "one third shall be left alive" (13:8).

Furthermore, this remaining one third shall be further tested by fire and judgment, like refining silver and tested like gold (13:9). Jesus used Zechariah 13:7 to warn His audience of trials coming their way when they "strike the shepherd" (Matt 26:31).

But for those who overcome, by God's grace and power, who works through the diligent response of His believers, the glorious finale would become reality. You are urged to pay attention to your life and thoughts, so that you willingly and joyfully count yourself as God's people who would declare sincerely, "The LORD is my God". God bless you all.