February 27, 2020

In light of DORSCON Orange 警戒级别升级到橙色

In light of DORSCON Orange 警戒级别升级到橙色

In light of DORSCON Orange, our church will take every worshipper’s temperature with immediate effect.
Individuals who have any of the following shall be advised to seek medical help or rest at home:

  1. Have fever with 38 degree Celsius or above,
  2. Have cough or runny nose,
  3. On Leave of Absence,
  4. Have recent travel history to mainland China.

Do pray for health workers and national leaders to have wisdom in dealing with this crisis.
As we uphold personal responsibility, let us also safeguard our church by being understanding and co-operate in observing all the given measures.


  1. 发烧 38 摄氏度或更高的人士
  2. 咳嗽或者流鼻涕的人士
  3. 还在缺席假期间的人士
  4. 最近有到过中国的人士


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