January 3, 2021

Intro video on Weekdays' topics / Devotion

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2021 Devotion

Intro video on Weekdays' topics / Devotion

Start the year by looking at the big forests, and ask God for His will on what is the outcome for 2021 and beyond in your participation at S-Word EFC. Don't lose your bearing when you get pulled in many directions this year by various people and programs. Spend some moments in silence to pray to God and seek His will for 2021.

QT: 01/01/2021: Desired Outcomes and Products
QT: 02/01/2021: Desired Outcomes Expanded and Explained
QT: 03/01/2021: "I want to change church!" (Intro 3 of 3)

Align our lives, resources, time, relationship etc to the agreed desire outcomes, so that our united journey together can be enjoyable, meaningful and God-pleasing, for 2021 and beyond!
Challenge: In 2021, reduce chaos (避免步步惊心) by committing to the church that God has called you to belong and building that church up in the short time of span we have on earth. We probably do not have sufficient time to change church often to search for, settle down and build the desired outcome of intimacy. The factors for consideration can be:
(1) Where The Word is preached properly (Bible)
(2) Where the Sacraments are administered correctly (Holy Communion & Baptism)
(3) Where there is Evangelism / Disciple-making to end of the earth (World Mission)
(4) Where it is a place you not only GET or RECEIVE but also could GIVE (Contribution)
(5) Where you Know Others and many others Know You (Community & Belonging)

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