JE134 Computer Terminals

JE134 Computer Terminals

RE: JE134 Computer Terminals for Hall 1, 2, 3, Room 1, 2, C2. Note:

(1) The terminals have been running on Thin Clients (no harddisks) since 2016 to save $$, ease of software installation/update and ease of management.

(2) Therefore, need to make sure the network cables are connected to the wall BEFORE boot up. Even though the PCs/Terminal look different, they behave in the same way and run at the same speed—their local CPUs run the keyboard, mouse & monitors only (i.e., old looking equipment are good enough to be Terminals). Computational power are processed at central server.

(3) Left side shortcut Panel have some sample "favourite" apps which RSP have selected for you all. Search the 9 white dots at bottom left for other apps. Right click to add more to the Left Panel. Remove app on your own as per need.

(4) Users have their own personal settings/files/desktop preferences stored and remembered. This would follow them even if they login at another room or hall using the same ID (Roaming Profile function). Therefore, do not share account.

(5) Do not login using the same account name simultaneously in different rooms/halls. This would prevent overriding of your files and errors (because both sessions are live).

(6) If your fellowship uses Zoom for 2 rooms/halls, use one account (E.g. YFA1) to login in Hall 3, and another account (E.g. YFA2) to login at LP Room or Room 1 as the case may be.

(7) If printing is required, choose either Epson-L6460 (inkjet colour) or HP Laserjet 4250 (black & white) after login at Terminal (not wifi). Both printers can print double side. Choose where necessary. Internet bandwidth is about 300 Mbps (up & down, see pic test).

(8) Chinese input is via Sogou. Toggle "Shift" key to switch between Chinese pinyin and English input.

(9) The Terminals are not for long term storage of files (due to limited space) but for convenience (for files to be used on that day/season only). Bring your own thumbdrives & if possible, delete & empty trash on Terminal end of that day.

(10) Default Passwords assigned can be changed (if necessary), but only in the locked server room for you to key in on the server keyboard yourself (by prior appointment). For addition/deletion of user accounts, contact RSP.

(11) The relevant people would receive separate texts for their fellowship's login credentials shortly regarding the new accounts added at last Tuesday's pastoral team meeting.