QT 01/03/2024 Friday Daniel 1. Survivor who rejected paganism. 拒绝异教的幸存者。

QT 01/03/2024 Friday Daniel 1. Survivor who rejected paganism. 拒绝异教的幸存者。

QT 01/03/2024 Friday Daniel 1

MEDITATION: The book describes Daniel serving in foreign palaces/courts under tremendous pressures of all sorts over a long period spanning both Babylonian and Persian empires! (605-536 B.C.) He would have won any "survivor" competition easily.

Daniel more than SURVIVED the vicious court and palace politics of his days without compromising his loyalty to the LORD—He was a BLESSING to other nations and their kings. The chief eunuch Ashpenaz (Dan 1:3) would have WITNESSED for himself the miraculous provision of the LORD: no meat diet consumed but ended up "fatter in flesh" (Dan 1:15).

Daniel resisted complete assimilation into pagan culture by rejecting the Babylonian king's food--an implicit reminder from the king of who is boss. Nevertheless, Daniel trusted the true king—the LORD God of Israel:

(1) The LORD was the one who "gave" the king of Judah into Nebuchadnezzar's hands (Dan 1:2). (2) The LORD "gave Daniel favor and compassion in the sight of the chief of the eunuchs" (Dan 1:9). (3) The LORD "gave them learning and skill in all literature and wisdom" (Dan 1:17). The LORD was STILL sovereign outside the Promised Land!

APPLICATION: Stand firm and resist being dissolved into the sea of paganism. Worship and serve the LORD faithfully.

REFLECTION: What has the LORD GIVEN you? What are you doing with it? Do you light up in God's way in this dark world?

星期五 2024年3月1日 今日读经:但以理书1章



但以理不仅撑过了那险恶的宫殿和宫廷政治,且对耶和华的忠心毫不妥协---他甚至成为他国和他们的王的祝福。太监长亚施毗拿(但1:3)会亲自见证耶和华奇妙的供应: 吃的是无肉的饮食但却“更加俊美健壮”(但1:15)。