QT 02/02/2024 Friday Mark 1. Responding quickly & correctly. 迅速及正确的回应。

QT 02/02/2024 Friday Mark 1. Responding quickly & correctly. 迅速及正确的回应。

QT 02/02/2024 Friday Mark 1

Notice Mark 1 starts with Isaiah, again (see devotion on Matthew). After reading Mark 1, you get the feeling of a fast moving story of a rising "star"—Jesus of Nazareth.

THE DISCIPLES: He called the disciples and "immediately they left their nets and followed him" (Mark 1:18). Some even left their father "in the boat" (Mark 1:20). These were quick and decisive responses to what God was revealing about Jesus.

THE CROWD: "And all the country of Judea and all Jerusalem were going out" to John the Baptist (Mark 1:5), only to be told by John that he was "not worthy to stoop down and untie" Jesus' sandals (Mark 1:7). The people were astonished (Mark 1:22) and recognised Jesus as having "authority" (Mark 1:27).

THE PRIESTS: The healing of the leprosy man was "for a proof to them" (Mark 1:44). No one seems to be afraid of antagonising the priests, because "people were coming to him from every quarter" (Mark 1:45).

YET, in the end, Jesus ended up being set up by the Priests and religious leaders. In the end, the crowd shouted "crucify him" (Mark 15:13,14). In the end, the disciples abandoned Him in His deepest hour of need.


星期五 2024年2月2日 今日读经:马可福音1章



门徒:祂呼召门徒,他们就“立刻撒下网,跟从了他”(可1:18)。有些甚至离开他们的父亲“在船上”(可1:20)。对于神所揭示的有关耶稣的种种, 这些回应是快速而果断的。