QT 02/05/2024 Thursday John 21. Fishes do swim under the boat...but. 鱼儿确实在船下游......但是。

QT 02/05/2024 Thursday John 21. Fishes do swim under the boat...but. 鱼儿确实在船下游......但是。

QT 02/05/2024 Thursday John 21.

There is NO difference between the "right side of the boat" (John 21:6) and the left side as far as proper fishing is concerned. Fishes swim UNDER the boat from the left side to the right side and vice versa.

But when Jesus told Simon Peter, "Throw your net on the RIGHT SIDE of the boat and you will find some" (John 21:6), they caught a "large number of fish".

APPLICATION (1): God might ask you to do something beyond your full logical understanding. Are you prepared to do it? Jesus Christ is the LORD of the world, the "I Am", and proved it to the disciples with His command of the fishing situation. Obey Jesus Christ too, today.

John depicts a main motivation set out by Jesus - LOVE :-

(a) Love as displayed in WORDS - using the word "Children" (John 21:5) instead of "Scaddy cats, deserters of me when I am most in need";

(b) Love as displayed in CARE - breakfast is made, "a charcoal fire in place, with fish laid out on it, and bread" (John 21:9), teaching them to fish all over again (John 21:6);

(c) Love as displayed in FELLOWSHIP - "Come and have breakfast" at a fellowship meal, distributing the bread & fish again, near where He fed the 5000 and the Twelve of them  (John 21:12-13);

(d) Love as displayed in SHEPHERDING - "Feed my lambs" (John 21:15), "Tend my sheep" (John 21:16), "Feed my sheep" (John 21:17). Jesus took care of Simon Peter. Peter is to take care of others now.

(e) Love as displayed in SILENCE - Although Simon Peter had denied Jesus three times (ch. 18), Jesus made no mention of it at all.

APPLICATION (2): How are you showing your love and encouragement to other brothers and sisters in church?

星期四2024年5月2日 今日读经:约翰福音21章

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(a) 以语言来表达爱---用“孩子们”称门徒(约21:5)而不是骂他们“胆小鬼、在我最需要的时候背弃我的人”;

(b) 以关怀来表达爱---早餐已做好,“他们上了岸,就看见那里有一堆炭火,上面有鱼有饼”(约21:9),然后教他们重新捕鱼。(约21:6);

(c) 以团契来表达爱--“你们来,吃早饭吧”,他们一起吃饭,祂又在把饼和鱼分出去,就在之前喂宝5000人的事件附近 (约21:12-13);

(d) 以牧养来表达爱--“你喂养我的小羊”(约21:15),“你牧养我的羊”(约21:16),“你喂养我的羊”(约21:17)。耶稣照顾西门.彼得。彼得现在必须照顾别人。

(e) 以沉默来表达爱--虽然西门.彼得三次不认耶稣(18章),耶稣却只字不提。