QT 02/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 4. 哥林多前书4章

QT 02/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 4. 哥林多前书4章

QT 02/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 4.
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We have been judged unfairly at times. So was Paul. Paul's authority and apostleship were judged inferior by the Corinthians' standards.

"Judging" came from possibly these sources :-

  1. From believers he is ministering to (1Cor 4:3)
  2. From human tribunal (1Cor 4:3)
  3. From Paul himself (1Cor 4:3,4,6)
  4. From God (1Cor 4:5)

But only item 4 will be absolutely right. Paul hinted to them NOT to judge his apostleship authority. Indeed, humans are limited and do not have all the viewpoints of how things really are. We have SOME grasp of truth but necessarily INCOMPLETE.

However, the Lord will come and "will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God" (1Cor 4:5).

APPLICATION (1): Do not conclude before the conclusion, nor "pronounce judgment before the time" (1Cor 4:5).

REFLECTION (1): In view of the exhaustiveness of God's final judgment, put on impeccable behaviour consistent with our calling. Are you doing that today in terms of purity and focus in life?

The Corinthians should not ridicule Paul nor reject his authority:

(1) Because Paul suffered for them (1Cor 4:9-14).

(2) Because Paul responded to their reviling with blessing, reacted to persecution with endurance, returned slander with earnest exhortations (1Cor 4:12). They should "be imitators" of Paul instead (1Cor 4:16)!

(3) Because Paul was their "father" (1Cor 4:15) in the sense that Paul brought forth their new life in Christ through the gospel. As such, another child is sent (Timothy, 1Cor 4:17) to remind this child (Corinthians) "of my ways in Christ, as I teach them everywhere in every church" (1Cor 4:17).

(4) Paul has power - to raise the dead, survive the storms and seas (see Acts). Even though Paul is called by Jesus (see Acts), his authority is also challenged.

REFLECTION (2): Do you see similarities between Paul, Moses and Jesus? (In terms of power, waters, salvation/gospel, authority challenged) Are you ridiculing anyone working hard for the gospel today?

ARROGANCE was a big problem then and now. Paul wrote to readers who were wealthy, educated, "wise", happening, politically street smart, cosmopolitan, morally messed up but arrogant. Paul used another word to counter this attitude, "scum" (1Cor 4:13). Do a humility/arrogance check today.

星期二 2024年7月2日 今日读经:哥林多前书4章



  1. 他所服事的信徒 (林前4:3)
  2. 人间的法庭(林前4:3)
  3. 保罗自己(林前4:3,4,6)
  4. 神(林前4:5)


然而,主将来,“他要照出黑暗中的隐情,显明人心里的动机。那时,各人要从 神那里得着称赞”(林前4:5)。







保罗有能力-让死人复活,胜过风暴和大浪(见使徒行传)。 保罗虽然是耶稣呼召的(见使徒行传),他的权威也受到了挑战。