QT 03/03/2023 Sunday Luke 8

QT 03/03/2023 Sunday Luke 8

QT 03/03/2023 Sunday Luke 8

Luke acknowledges the contributions and significance of women in Luke-Acts.  Women were featured prominently right from the beginning:-

Women financially supported the Twelve and Jesus (Luke 8:3);

We remember Elizabeth's welcoming of her role in bringing forth John the Baptist, overcoming the obstacles of her age (Luke 1:23-25);

Mary, in her pregnancy and in giving birth to Jesus according to the LORD's will (Luke 1 & 2), had to overcome social and cultural taboos in the process;

Prophetess Anna (Luke 2:36ff), waited upon the Lord for many years, most probably widowed at a relatively young age and remained so until she was 84 years old (fasting and praying in the temple);

A woman's participation in the big miracle in Nain with the resurrection of her dead son (Luke 7:11 onwards);

A woman's unconventional expression of love for Jesus with the use of tears and perfume (Luke 7:36 onwards), in spite of her shady past;

Women also followed Jesus, not only The Twelve (Luke 8:1-2) - three of them are in fact named here by Luke - Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna. There were in fact "many others" (Luke 8:3). Don't forget that!

The gospel portrayed by Luke even reached the most unbelievable place - "Joanna the WIFE of Cuza, Herod's household manager" (Luke 8:3);

REFLECTION (1): The participation by women in Luke receives much attention. Why is Luke paying so much attention to this?

We usually watch out for what we DO - ACTIONS.

However, Luke warns us about something else, how YOU HEAR!

"Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away." (Luke 8:18)

APPLICATION: You might eventually become WHAT you listen TO. So be careful with the concepts, ideas and schemes that get RETAINED in your minds.

The chapter finishes off with the healing of the demon possessed man and the episodes of the dead girl and the sick woman. Reading 8:26 and 8:40 together, Luke portrays Jesus going OUT OF HIS WAY to reach out to the demon-possessed man.

REFLECTION (2): Have you done anything similar or come close to it? Do you serve God only when you are "on the way" or convenient?

In noticing the detail of Jesus commanding them to "give her something to eat" (Luke 8:55) after He resurrected the child, Luke highlights the importance of Jesus' concern for the physical body too.

REFLECTION (3): Do your life and ministry display any neglect for the care and restoration of the physical bodies of yours and others?

APPLICATION (2): We work hard to do God's work. But do not burn the candle at BOTH ENDS! Wisdom would tell you when that latter point is crossed.

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一个妇女以不一样的方式,用眼泪和香膏来表达对耶稣的爱(路7:36起), 尽管有着不光彩的过去;