QT 03/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 5. 哥林多前书5章

QT 03/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 5. 哥林多前书5章

QT 03/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 5.
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Words like "love" and “inclusiveness" have been thrown around like gems. But Paul demonstrated that these gems come in pairs.

The Corinthians of Paul's time abused "love" such that their brand of inclusiveness even permitted "sexual immorality" of a kind "that is not tolerated even among pagans" (1Cor 5:1). In the name of progressiveness (practised wrongly), the church at Corinth wanted to display itself as trendy and modern.

But Paul paired up "love" with "judgment". "I have already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing" (1Cor 5:3). Rarely would the one that needs to be judged see that need. Therefore, the church when assembled together, has to love and to judge--"When you are assembled in the name of the LORD Jesus" (1Cor 5:4).

Paul also paired up "inclusiveness" with determined exclusion. The person under judgment was to "be removed from among you" (1Cor 5:2), "deliver this man to Satan" (1Cor 5:5). They were urged to "Cleanse out the old leaven" (1Cor 5:7) and "Purge the evil person from among you" (1Cor 5:13; Deut 13:5,17:7,12;21:21,22:21-22,22:24).

Paul applied this specifically to "anyone who bears the name of brother" (1Cor 5:11) and yet is living in the sins of "sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler--not even to eat with such a one" (1Cor 5:11).

Many "gems" in the New Testament come "in pairs"; wear them properly. There is a time to express love, there is also a time to execute judgment. May the church do this, in unison, at any single point in time.

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保罗把这应用在任何“称为弟兄”的人身上(林前5:11)并且行“淫乱、贪心、拜偶像、辱骂人、醉酒或勒索的--这样的人,不可和他来往,连和他吃饭都不可”(林前 5:11)。