QT 04/02/2024 Sunday Mark 2. Same agenda as Jesus'? 与耶稣同样的目标吗?

QT 04/02/2024 Sunday Mark 2. Same agenda as Jesus'? 与耶稣同样的目标吗?

QT 04/02/2024 Sunday Mark 2

The disciples, crowds and priests have THEIR OWN aspirations and expectations of how the Messiah (Christ) should look like. To their dismay, it DIFFERS FROM THEIRS! Nevertheless, as the narrative in Mark continues, there are those who are open to change.

Mark writes to the Gentiles. He repeatedly explains many of the Jewish customs to the readers and translates certain words for them. Do look out for them. Unlike Matthew, there is also no long genealogy.

Nevertheless, the first half of Mark from chapters 1-8 (like Matthew) also demonstrates the authority of Jesus over sickness, nature, the laws, the disciples and the spiritual realm.

In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus demonstrates His authority of sickness in the encounter with a paralytic. Jesus is willing and able to forgive sins. Indeed, Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God (Mark 1:1). Happily, the paralytic responded to Jesus' call--"He rose and immediately picked up his bed and went out before them all" (Mark 2:12).

REFLECTION (1): Are you suffering under the guilt of sin? Trust in Jesus and respond to His offer of forgiveness and true freedom. Do you see the value of Jesus interacting with sinners and the prospects of bringing them the good news (Mark 2:13-17)?

REFLECTION (2): Are you also responding to His call to discipleship (Mark 2:13-17)? How have you adjusted your calendar and budget?

REFLECTION (3): Are you able to get rid of the "old stuff" within yourselves and be open to accepting the fresh breadth of life in Jesus Christ (Mark 2:18-22)?

REFLECTION (4): Are you missing out on the LORD of the Sabbath by focusing on the less important things (Mark 2:23-28)?

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