QT 04/06/2024 Tue Acts 24. Spirit Guided Speech. 圣灵引导的话语。

QT 04/06/2024 Tue Acts 24. Spirit Guided Speech. 圣灵引导的话语。

QT 04/06/2024 Tue Acts 24. Spirit Guided Speech. 圣灵引导的华语。

The Holy Spirit in Acts guided Paul, who was without a lawyer. On the other hand, Paul's accusers employed one (Acts 24:1).

Tertullus used flattery on Felix the judge. Felix's reign was in fact brutal and not peaceful (Acts 24:2). They accused Paul as being rebellious, pro Nazarene sect and a person who defiled the temple.

Paul responded to these charges point by point. (1) Paul's introduction was neutral and not flattery (Acts 24:10). (2) Paul was not arguing with anyone nor rioting (Acts 24:12). (3) Paul's beliefs were not "cultic" in a negative way - in fact, "I worship the God of our fathers as a follower of the Way" (Acts 24:14). It was not a new religion. In fact, the judge was very much acquainted with it (Acts 24:22).

Luke presented the CONTINUITY of the gospel with the God of the Old Testament.

APPLICATION (1): Let's be familiar with God's works from the beginning as revealed to us and present the ideals that God had for His creation all along.

APPLICATION (2): With or without the help of lawyers, the Holy Spirit will guide the servants of the gospel in their words and conduct all the way. As Jesus promised, "Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial, do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit" (Mark 13:11).

星期二 2024年6月4日 今日读经:使徒行传24章。 圣灵引导的话语。



保罗对这些指控一一作出回应。(1)保罗的开头是中肯的且不说奉承的话(徒24:10)。(2)保罗并没有与人争辩也没有制造暴动(徒24:12)。(3)保罗所信仰的并不是属于“邪教”--事实上,“我正是根据这道来敬拜我祖先的 神的”(徒24:14)。这不是新的宗教。事实上,腓力斯本来就详细晓得这道(徒24:22)。