QT 04/07/2024 Thu. 1Cor 6. Compatible Status? 相容状态?

QT 04/07/2024 Thu. 1Cor 6. Compatible Status? 相容状态?

QT 04/07/2024 Thu. 1Cor 6. Compatible Status?
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The suits against each other in the Corinthian church displayed disunity before the watching world (1Cor 6:1-8). The pursuit of "trivial cases" (1Cor 6:2) in pagan courts was not compatible with their status of being qualified to "judge angels" (1Cor 6:3).

In addition, these suits were not worth the trouble—time and resources that could have been invested in more productive relationship building to win others to Christ.

Paul reminded readers of their past, which did not and could not prevent them from being justified and sanctified because "you were washed" (1Cor 6:11).

APPLICATION: Do not let the past hinder you from coming to God. The sin list was long (1Cor 6:9-10) and "As such were some of you" (1Cor 6:11). But great is "the name of the LORD Jesus Christ" (1Cor 6:11) to do powerful acts of change and restoration.

When the world asserts that "We are born this way" (implying that sinful behaviour is not changeable), those who "were washed" reply, "We have been born again in Christ."

In view of that, those who "were washed" were to flee sexual immorality (1Cor 6:12-20) because their bodies now belonged to Christ as "a temple" (1Cor 6:19) and not to prostitutes (1Cor 6:15,16) nor sexual immorality.

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