QT 06/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 4. The Responsibilities of the Soil. 土壤的责任

QT 06/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 4. The Responsibilities of the Soil. 土壤的责任

QT 06/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 4

Jesus used ALL MEANS to reach all people with the goods news of the Kingdom of Heaven. He taught by the lake in a boat (Mark 4:1), in synagogues (Mark 1:21,39,3:1,6:2), indoors (Mark 2:2) and later in a "desolate place" (Mark 8:4).

REFLECTION (1): The Master Teacher - Jesus - was creative in His teaching methods, not hindered by the venue, because He is the Word and He is the life. Are you using all means to be salt and light, e.g. online presence and social media too? It's where the new "crowd" is today!

Jesus persevered even though He already faced various oppositions early in Mark's account of the gospel (Mark 1:24, 2:6, 2:15), even death threats by those who wanted to "destroy Jesus" (Mark 3:6)!

REFLECTION (2): Even when the Master Teacher teaches, He encounters 3 types of soil that did not really take root of His message (Mark 4:3-25,26-29,30-34). We should not be discouraged by setbacks too.

Nevertheless, persistent frustrations could be one of God's ways of shutting the doors and telling you to give up on your personal dreams that are NOT in accordance with God's will for you nor your church.

The Holy Spirit will guide you BUT concurrently, Satan "comes and takes away the word that is sown in them" (Mark 4:15). Demonic activity appears early in Jesus' ministry (Mark 1:21,33). So watch out!

"Pay attention to what you hear" (Matt 4:24). Be aware of poison being injected into you without your knowing. No Mentor Pastor or CG leaders or members can oversee you 24/7.

The choice and responsibility are NEARLY ALL YOURS. YOU chose what YOU hear. What you choose to hear might cause you to end up in the drain, so to speak.

The consequences of your choices would COME BACK TO YOU (Mark 4:24-25);

The GOOD consequences of your choices might NOT even be noticed by yourselves NOW (Mark 4:26-29, the parable of the growing seed).

The SIGNIFICANCE of your choices from the "kingdom of God" perspective might even be UNDERESTIMATED (Mark 4:30-32, parable of the mustard seed: 500-750 of them weigh only 1 gram?).

REFLECTION (3): How should we then live?

星期二 2024年2月6日 今日读经:马可福音4章



反思(1): 那个大师--耶稣--在教导上是很有创意的,不受地点的限制,因为祂就是道、祂就是生命。你是否尽心尽力成为盐和光,如:在线上和社交媒体上的时候。这些地方都是新一代的“群众”所在之处!