QT 05/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 1. 以西结书1

QT 05/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 1.  以西结书1

QT 05/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 1
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MEDITATION: The LORD taught His people that He would not and could not be boxed-in nor domesticated in a certain LOCATION, not even His own temple in Jerusalem. Other false gods of the Ancient Near East needed a temple to reside in and to "rule" the cosmos from there. The LORD of Israel DID NOT require it. He was MOBILE. So the destruction of His temple was inconsequential.

Did you notice that "wheel" or "wheels" occurred 10 times? (Ezek 1:15,16,19,20,21) "Wheel" is suggestive of the mobility of the LORD and His agents.

REFLECTION: Brothers and sisters, do you believe that the LORD is present everywhere and is reigning everywhere, including your lives wherever lived? Are you living according to His omnipresent reign?

Firstly, the LORD's prophet was now called AND he operated OUTSIDE the land of Israel and Judah. Ezekiel was called while "in the land of the Chaldeans by the Chebar canal" while "among the exiles" (Ezek 1:1-2), in enemy territory!

Secondly, prepare your tears for Ezek 10-11, where the LORD LEFT His temple, RELUCTANTLY. The "wheels" were associated with "the living creatures" (Ezek 1:15), but these followed the spirit. "Wherever the spirit wanted to go, they went, and the wheels rose along with them, for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels." (Ezek 1:20)

The LORD gave revision lessons to Ezekiel about why Judah was in exile. But the LORD also assured Ezekiel of His rule and presence with the remnant of His people, in the midst of their punishment preceding restoration of relation with Him.

APPLICATION: Love and worship the LORD, everywhere. In every sphere of our lives, abstain from sin, because the Holy LORD is there too. Remember, the LORD is omnipresent and is overseeing what you are doing right now.

星期五 2024年7月5日 今日读经:以西结书1


你有没有发现“轮子”一词出现了10次?(结1:15,16,19,20,21) 经文用“轮子”表示耶和华和祂的天使都是满有流动的潜能的。





应用 :要爱耶和华并敬拜祂,无论身在何处。在我们的生活各领域里,要避免犯罪,因为圣洁的耶和华也在那里。记住,耶和华是无所不在的而且祂正看着你的一举一动。