QT 07/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 7 哥林多前书7章

QT 07/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 7 哥林多前书7章

QT 07/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 7
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The Corinthians had previously written to Paul, "It is good for a man not to have sexual relationship with a woman" (1Cor 7:1). Paul preferred celibacy for them too (1Cor 7:7).

But sexual immorality was rampant in Corinth (1Cor 1-6). Temptation was real (1Cor 7:2) and so was the "lack of self-control" (1Cor 7:5). These dangers could not be lightly dismissed. Burning "with passion" (1Cor 7:9,36) points to the power behind these forces.

Paul prohibited improper behaviour (1Cor 7:36), separation (1Cor 7:10) and divorce (1Cor 7:11). In view of "the present distress", he advocated the status quo and regulated their behaviour (1Cor 7:26) to stem their slide into more pain and anxieties (1Cor 7:32).

APPLICATION: Be realistic about what marriage can or cannot do. It's a calling (1Cor 7:15,17), assignment (1Cor 7:17) and personal decision (1Cor 7:37) all rolled into one. God gives His people the freedom to choose within specific boundaries. However, do not forget the all encompassing goal: "how to please the LORD" (1Cor 7:32).

REFLECTION: Has our singlehood, dating or marriage distracted us from doing God's will for this generation? Review our lives to find the answer to this, on where we are now, and tweak towards living within the will of God.

星期日 2024年7月7日 今日读经:哥林多前书7章.