QT 08/07/2024 Mon. 1Cor 8 哥林多前书8章.

QT 08/07/2024 Mon. 1Cor 8 哥林多前书8章.

QT 08/07/2024 Mon. 1Cor 8
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Paul moves on to the next messed up problem - the consumption of food offered to idols. By definition, an idol is not a god at all ('We know that "an idol has no real existence"', 1Cor 8:4). Instead, "there is "but one God" and "one Lord, Jesus Christ" (1Cor 8:6).

However, the knowledge of the above might puff up a person (1Cor 8:1) and cause that person to utilise that knowledge in an unloving way or in a way that does NOT build up (1Cor 8:1).

Look around you, because among the community of believers, "However, not all possess this knowledge. But some, through former association with idols, eat food as really offered to an idol, and their conscience, being weak, is defiled." (1 Cor 8:7)

APPLICATION: Make sure that the exercise of your freedom to eat, at whatever time, in whatever way, does not become "a stumbling block to the weak" (1Cor 8:9). Why insist on eating certain foods on certain occasions and let your stomach and appetite prevent you from sinning against Christ ultimately (1Cor 8:12)?

REFLECTION (1): Where is the dividing line between (1) The prohibited participation in idol worship and (2) The eating of food sacrificed to idols in temples but the excess meat has since been RESOLD by the temple into the Corinthian marketplace for retail to the general public (including Christians)?

REFLECTION (2): In a Singaporean Chinese context, is the dividing line the CESSATION of the idol worship ceremony, e.g., after all the candles / joss sticks have been EXTINGUISHED, that believers can consume food offered to idols?

星期一 2024年7月8日 今日读经:哥林多前书8章.

保罗来到下一个糟糕的问题--吃祭过偶像的食物。顾名思义,偶像本来就不是神(“我们知道世上的偶像算不得什么,也知道 神只有一位,没有别的神”,林前8:4)。相反的,我们“只有一位 神”和“一位主,耶稣基督”(林前8:6)。