QT 09/02/2024 Friday Mark 6. The Teachable Heart. 受教的心灵。

QT 09/02/2024 Friday Mark 6. The Teachable Heart. 受教的心灵。

QT 09/02/2024 Friday Mark 6

Mark portrayed the "hardened hearts" motif in chapters 6 (Mark 6:52) and 8 (Mark 8:17). This hardening continued in spite of the wonderful things brought about by Jesus and His preaching ministry in His "hometown" (Mark 6:1) and elsewhere (Mark 8:4,22,27).

In Jesus' hometown Nazareth, He was NOT HONOURED (Mark 6:1-6). He instructed His own disciples to "shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them"--those who "will not receive you" (Mark 6:11). Indeed, Mark reported that Jesus' forerunner, John the Baptist, had been beheaded for pointing out sin (Mark 6:18).

Mark portrayed this hardening (Mark 6:52) after the feeding of the 5000 (Mark 6:30-44) and Jesus' walking on water (Mark 6:45-52). Apparently, this hardening took place even among the disciples too (Mark 6:52).

We shall see Jesus rebuking the Pharisees and the teachers using Isaiah in Mark 7. In contrast, the Phoenician woman and the Decapolis deaf/mute responded positively.

Similarly, in Mark 8, Jesus feeds the 4000 (Mark 8:1-9) where hardening is mentioned again (Mark 8:17). Once again, Isaiah is alluded to for use in rebuking (Mark 8:18). In contrast, the blind now sees (Mark 8:22-26).

REFLECTION: Are our hearts hardened in anyway? Are we teachable? When was the last time we CHANGED  upon being TAUGHT?

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