QT 09/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 9 哥林多前书9章

QT 09/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 9 哥林多前书9章

QT 09/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 9
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REFLECTION: Do you often give up a right for the sake of others, even the local church you belong to?

We saw in 1Cor 8 the duty to give up a right to eat food previously offered to idols for the sake of a person within the spiritual community that might be stumbled if that right was insisted upon.

Here in 1Cor 9, Paul recounted his rights to sustenance from the gospel through the Corinthian believers on the basis of YES answers to these questions (1Cor 9:4-7):

  1. Am I not free? YES
  2. Am I not an apostle? YES
  3. Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? YES he has seen.
  4. Are you not the result of my work in the Lord? YES

In spite of the above, Paul reminded them of this right (1Cor 9:3-14) but pointed out to them that he gave up these rights (1Cor 9:14-18) for the sake of winning people (and the Corinthians) to Christ with maximum effect and minimum obstacles (1Cor 9:19-23).

REFLECTION: The church has the responsibility to support her pastors sufficiently to express her thanks, so that :

(1) CURRENT pastors would not be distracted from focusing on pastoring; and

(2) FUTURE pastors that God had called within the community could see the beautiful partnership before hand, such that the church's current testimony would not hinder nor put off future and younger members of the congregation from obeying God's call to serve here.

What could you contribute to actualise that future? Have you done that?

星期二 2024年7月9日 今日读经:哥林多前书9章.





我难道不是使徒吗? 是的。

我难道没见过耶稣我们的主吗? 他确实有见过。




(1) 现任的牧者就能专心牧养教会而不分心;和

(2) 神在属灵家庭里所呼召的未来牧者能够看到之前的美好搭配,以致教会目前的见证不会阻碍未来的年轻会友顺服神的呼召在教会里服事。