QT 10/03/2024 Sunday Read Luke 13. In or outside the kingdom? 在国度境内还是境外?

QT 10/03/2024 Sunday Read Luke 13. In or outside the kingdom? 在国度境内还是境外?

QT 10/03/2024 Sunday READ Luke 13. In or outside the kingdom?

As Jesus journeys towards Jerusalem to fulfill His kingdom mission, He reveals truths about the kingdom of heaven.

Firstly, people could cause themselves to be LEFT OUT of the kingdom and its mission if they refused to repent (Luke 13:3,5), failed to bear fruits (Luke 13:6-9) or failed to acknowledge Jesus for who He is (Luke 13:35).

They do not respond when the opportunity is given (Luke 13:8-9, 13:24-27) or respond in the right way: the negative example of the synagogue ruler (Luke 13:14-16). This is contrasted with the crippled woman who responded with praise (Luke 13:11-13).

Here Jesus speaks of Israel of Luke's time. Although she was in the line to receive blessings, she has missed out through unrepentance. Gentiles will take her place, she will be "forsaken" (Luke 13:35).

REFLECTION (1): Is an attitude of unrepentance, a life without fruits, or poor response to God and His call do do His work hindering you from joining and contributing to the kingdom mission?

Secondly, despite human stubbornness/opposition, the progress of the kingdom is UNSTOPPABLE.      

Herod the Great tried to kill Jesus about 30 years earlier (Matt 2:16). His son, Herod Antipas, imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist, Jesus' messenger (Luke 3:20,9:9). Herod was seeking to kill Jesus too (Luke 13:31)!

These incidents and threats did not derail God's kingdom plan. Jesus calmly proclaims that His divine schedule continues AS PLANNED (Luke 13:32), just as a small mustard see will flourish (Luke 13:18-21).

REFLECTION (2): God's plans are unstoppable. Man's plans crumble when it is not in line with God's. Are your plans for life and ministry in line with God's plans?

REFLECTION (3): God is sovereign over all plans, successes and set backs. How does this impact your responses to life and ministry?

REFLECTION (4): If a personal "set back" ultimately advances God's unstoppable kingdom plans, are you willing to accept it as a mission minded disciple of Jesus Christ?

星期日 2024年3月10日 今日读经:路加福音13章。在国度境内还是境外?