QT 11/02/2024 Sunday Mark 7. Clean hands & hearts. 洁净的手及心。

QT 11/02/2024 Sunday Mark 7. Clean hands & hearts. 洁净的手及心。

QT 11/02/2024 Sunday Mark 7

Are we clean or unclean as we approach the Son of God daily? Weekly?

The explanations of Jewish customs in Mark 7:3-4 suggest that the readers were Gentiles. The traditions of the "Pharisees and the scribes" are the practices of "the tradition of the elders", a specific interpretation of laws by teachers of the past.

Wisdom requires you to learn humbly from tradition but not be chained by it. Tradition might have a good practical effect on teaching behaviour when coupled with correct attitudes and circumstances.

However, when the emotions of that tradition die off (just as all relationships between persons might regrettably turn cold and die), the act becomes only ceremonial (Mark 7:3).

Regrettably, worshipers come to worship to honour God "with their lips" but (to quote Isaiah 29:13), "their heart is far from me" (Mark 7:6).

TEST (1): Do you consider the fellowship, fun, food, shopping and strategic updates that come AFTER worship service every weekend the MAIN thing you look forward to?

TEST (2): Has worshipping God been the thing that must be "GOTTEN OVER AND DONE WITH" every worship service BEFORE I do the REAL STUFF that I have been wanting to do? Just to satisfy God? Or try my best not to make Him ANGRY?

With a fast moving and increasingly diverse world, what was good practice 30 years ago might not be suitable practice now (especially when these interpreters of the past come from another country and culture) because the world and the people in it are NOT static.

REFLECTION (1): Do not confuse "Scripture" with "a PARTICULAR INTERPRETATION of Scripture, at a PARTICULAR point in time, by a PARTICULAR person, in response to a PARTICULAR situation, in a PARTICULAR part of the world".

We do not take these traditions and import them into S-Word blindly. Isn't that Tradition Colonialism repeated but under the guise of "true teachings"? Jesus reminded them of the TRUE TEST of being clean (Mark 7:20).

REFLECTION (2): Check for these "from within" (Mark 7:21-22): come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, [22] coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness?

ACTION: May we come with clean hands, hearts and hair this coming worship services.

星期日 2024年2月11日 今日读经:马可福音7章






测试(1): 你是否以团契、娱乐、食物、购物和更新重要信息,为每个周末崇拜后最期待的主要活动?






反思(2):“从里面”审查(可7:21-22),看看心里是否有这些: 发出恶念、淫乱、偷盗、凶杀、奸淫、贪心、邪恶、诡诈、放荡、嫉妒、毁谤、骄傲、愚妄?