QT 14/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 11 The courtesy of waiting & bestowing honour. 等待和给予荣誉的礼节。

QT 14/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 11 The courtesy of waiting & bestowing honour. 等待和给予荣誉的礼节。

QT 14/07/2024 Sun. 1Cor 11
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For a messed up congregation, Paul now regulates their worship services. In 1Cor 11, the issues of man and woman, and the LORD's supper. In 1Cor 12, Spiritual Gifts, Holy Spirit and the Body Metaphor. Next in 1Cor 13, the need for love in exercising the gifts. Thereafter, prophecy, tongues and orderliness in 1Cor 14.

While the distance in culture makes our understanding of "covering of heads" challenging, the results are clear:

The covered head of a man in 1Cor "dishonours his head" (1Cor 11:4) or potentially Christ (in view of 1Cor 11:3, where "The HEAD of every man IS CHRIST");

The uncovered head of a woman "dishonours her head" (1Cor 11:5).

REFLECTION (1): Have I said anything or done anything in front of anyone or behind anyone that DISHONOURS that person in our current cultural context, especially in church gatherings?

Their communion meal conduct (1Cor 11:21) reveals the disunity, disparity and dismissive attitudes a person can have for another when they assemble (1Cor 11:17).

Waiting "for each other" (1Cor 11:33), especially if the hungry/poorer ones are present, is not only courteous, it's a necessary testimony of a BODY of believers assembling for worship and Holy Communion.

REFLECTION (2): Are we one body, or just body parts disconnected and strewn all over the worship hall?

星期日 2024年7月14日 今日读经:哥林多前书11章. 等待和授予荣誉的礼貌



(1) 蒙着头的男人就是“羞辱自己的头”(林前11:4)或基督(因为在林前11:3提到,“基督是男人的头”);

(2) 不蒙头的女人就是在“羞辱自己的头” (林前11:5)。