QT 11/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 2. Share His message with assurance.

QT 11/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 2. Share His message with assurance.

QT 11/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 2
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MEDITATION: With the phrase, "Son of man" (Ezek 2:1), the LORD reminded Ezekiel that he was only a created being and as such, the LORD could order him to "stand on your feet" (Ezek 2:1).

The LORD reminded Ezekiel to be obedient to His order (Ezek 2:8). This was contrasted with Israel and "nations," who were "rebels" (Ezek 2:3), transgressors (Ezek 2:3), "impudent and stubborn" (Ezek 2:4) and "a rebellious house" (Ezek 2:5,6,7,8).

REFLECTION: Would the label "a rebellious house" fit us today?

Ezekiel was asked to preach, "whether they hear or refuse to hear" (Ezek 2:5), repeated in Ezek 2:7.

APPLICATION: Do not be afraid of the rebellious, "their words" or "their looks" (Ezek 2:6). "Eat" and internalise God's words (Ezek 2:8) and faithfully preach it to the "nations of rebels" today (Ezek 2:3).

We need not attempt (and are unable) to imitate Ezekiel's call and responses in the minutest details. God has a specific function for each of us. You bring to ministry your specific experiences, backgrounds and insights that only some of you all can contribute. You might term it your special call. The same Spirit that moves, described in this book of Ezekiel's, would prompt you to discover the same too.

Even though the assignment was difficult, God showed Ezekiel the task ahead, motivated him to move ahead and assured him of the divine help that would strengthen and accompany him for what was basically an unpopular assignment.

星期四 2024年7月11日 今日读经:以西结书2章


默想:“人子啊!”(结2:1) 耶和华的这句话,提醒了以西结,他只不过是个被造之物,因此耶和华可以命令他“站起来”(结2:1)。