QT 12/04/2024 Friday Daniel 6. Encountering the LORD's supremacy. 认识耶和华的至高无上。

QT 12/04/2024 Friday Daniel 6. Encountering the LORD's supremacy. 认识耶和华的至高无上。

QT 12/04/2024 Friday Daniel 6

MEDITATION: Was it a big crime for Daniel to have "windows in his upper chamber OPEN TOWARD JERUSALEM" (Dan 6:10)? To the high officials and the satraps--yes, because it defied the king's injunction (Dan 6:7-9). This direction of Daniel's prayer reminds us of the dedication prayer of Solomon about 400 years earlier at the temple dedication,

"If they repent with all their mind and with all their heart in the LAND OF THEIR ENEMIES, who carried them CAPTIVE, and pray to you TOWARD THEIR LAND, which you gave to their fathers, the CITY that you have chosen, and THE HOUSE that I have built for your name, then hear in heaven your dwelling place their prayer and their plea, and maintain their cause" (1Kgs 8:48-49).

In praying towards Jerusalem, Daniel displayed his conviction that the LORD was still the lord of history and the universe, in spite of the captivity of His remnant. Being rescued from the lion's den (Dan 6:22) was part of this lordship.

A few major kings of the Ancient Near East's have encountered the LORD's supremacy and everlasting kingdom: (1) Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonian empire (Dan 2:47, 3:26,28-29, 4:3,34-37), (2) Belshazzar (Dan 5:1-28,29) and now (3) Darius of the Medes and the Persians (Dan 6:26-27).

REFLECTION: The responses of these kings to the LORD of "all the peoples, nations, and languages" (Dan 6:25) were varied, less than satisfactory and not enduring. What about yours?

星期日 2024年4月12日 今日读经:但以理书6章. 认识耶和华的至高无上.


默想:但以理“到自己家里楼顶上的房间,将这房间的窗户朝向耶路撒冷开着”,这样是犯了大罪吗(但6:10)? 对于那些高官和总督来说-----是的,因为那违背了王的禁令(但6:7-9)。但以理祷告的方位让我们想起了所罗门400年前在奉献圣殿时的奉献祷告:



古代近东的几个大王都经历了耶和华的至高主权和永恒的国度(1) : 巴比伦帝国的尼布甲尼撒(但2:47, 3:26,28-29, 4:3,34-37),(2) 伯沙撒 (但5:1-28,29)和现在 (3) 玛代和波斯人古列的大利乌王(但6:26-27)。