QT 12/06/2024 Wed Romans 3. Unity: in the need to stop sinning. 合一:都需要停止犯罪。

QT 12/06/2024 Wed Romans 3. Unity: in the need to stop sinning. 合一:都需要停止犯罪。

QT 12/06/2024 Wed Romans 3. Unity: in the need to stop sinning.

We learn from Romans 2 that Gentiles should not look down on the Jews, who have an "advantage" and their heritage has "value" (Rom 3:1), and vice versa.

But the Jews should NOT take advantage of this and think they can continue in doing wrong in order to enhance the "visibility" of God's faithfulness (Rom 3:3) or "righteousness" (Rom 3:5). They are NOT to use these privileges as EXCUSES to continue to sin.

REFLECTION: There is no shortage of excuses for finding reasons to CONTINUE sinning. The sinful mind somehow becomes VERY CREATIVE and THINKS OUT OF THE BOX in order to sin "innovatively".

Romans 3:11-18 is modern. These verses start and end with God: (1) No one seeks God (Rom 3:11), (2) There is no fear of God (Rom 3:18). As such, "every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God" (Rom 3:19).

APPLICATION (1): Since all are accountable to God, pride should have no place in our lives, whether Jews or Gentiles, 1st century A.D. or today, especially among Christians within the spiritual community we are in.

Therefore all people,whether Jews or Gentiles, within the community, are UNITED in being accountable to God and having the "knowledge of sin" (Rom 3:20).  We are also UNITED IN being given the chance to participate in "the righteousness of God" (Rom 3:21). This privilege is open to "all who believe" (Rom 3:22).

APPLICATION (2): Because God is God of both the Gentiles and the Jews (Rom 3:29-30), we "Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God" (Rom 15:7) because "There is NO DIFFERENCE, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Rom 3:23).

星期三 2024年6月12日 今日读经:罗马书3章. 和一:都需要停止犯罪。





罗马书3:11-18是很现代的。这些经文都以神作为开头和结束:(1)没有寻求神的(罗3:11),(2)他们眼中也不怕神(罗3:18)。因此,“好让每一个人都没有话可讲,使全世界的人都伏在 神的审判之下”(罗3:19)。