QT 12/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 3. Hard knocking headbumps. 硬碰硬

QT 12/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 3. Hard knocking headbumps. 硬碰硬

QT 12/07/2024 Fri. Ezekiel 3.
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MEDITATION: Even though the LORD's word was satisfying and sweet as honey (Ezek 3:2-3), the LORD anticipated that Ezekiel would face severe opposition in his preaching ministry.

The people refused to listen to Ezekiel because he spoke on behalf of God. Frequently in history, human rebuffed the word of God's spokesmen—e.g. the people rejected Moses' leadership (Exodus account) and Samuel's leadership (1Sam 8:4–7).

REFLECTION: Speaking to foreigners seemed easier than speaking to the house of Israel (Ezek 3:4-6), why was that so? How can God be glorified before the watching world (Ezek 36:22-23) when His own people refused to obey Him?

Therefore, the LORD "have made your face as hard as their faces" (Ezek 3:8) in order to face off with the "hard forehead and a stubborn heart" belonging to the "house of Israel" (Ezek 3:7), including "their looks" (Ezek 3:9).

Ezekiel was to listen with his ears and accept God's word, as an on-going activity throughout his ministry. Therefore, following God was not a once-upon-a-time single point of call in the past but a continuous abiding in his relationship with God. What's your?

APPLICATION: The LORD's deliberate call and preparation of the his servants and watchmen (Ezek 3:17) frequently preceded ministry initiatives. Be prepared to do the uncomfortable and unpopular: "The hand of the LORD being strong upon me" (Ezek 3:14). Leave the result to the LORD (Ezek 3:27).

星期五 2024年7月12日 今日读经:以西结书3章.




人们拒绝听从以西结,因为他代表上帝说话。在历史上,人类经常拒绝上帝代言人的话,例如,人们拒绝摩西的领导(出埃及记)和撒母耳的领导(撒上 8:4-7)。