QT 13/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 9. Healthy surgery. 健康的手术。

QT 13/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 9. Healthy surgery. 健康的手术。

QT 13/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 9

Let's be practical and concise.

  1. The Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-13) discloses the Father's direction to Jesus' followers to "LISTEN to him", i.e. Jesus (Mark 9:7).

REFLECTION (1): Are you doing so? Following Jesus faithfully and are focused?

  1. The DOUBLE OBSTACLE of "did not understand" and "were afraid to ask" (Mark 9:32) prevented the disciples from sharing in the heartbeats of Jesus and the Father, even though the disciples had already seen other witnesses like Moses and Elijah.

REFLECTION (2): You may have been with us for some years now, but do you share our heartbeats? Perhaps you have not understood something but are afraid to ask what our church-heart beats for? Don't be afraid to seek help before your problem becomes too entrenched in your mind. After that, no matter what others say, you would always rebut - no longer teachable.

  1. PRIDE potentially BLINDS you to many things (Mark 9:33-37). Instead, adopt SERVANTHOOD (Mark 9:35) and a CHILD-LIKE mentality (Mark 9:37). WATCH OUT when your actions cause one of these CHILD-LIKE believers to sin or stumble.

REFLECTION: Is there any ungodly behaviour in us (e.g. pride, quarrels, compromise in holiness, backbiting or hypocrisy) that may cause a new believer among us to doubt, "Is THIS the temple of the Holy God, the God which I just believed?"

Jesus says "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea (Mark 9:42).

On the contrary, accept and undergo the radical refinement that God has for believers in this life to purge sin. It might even "costs" us a hand or a foot (Mark 9:43-47).

God is free to use the tools of hardship and suffering for this "reconstructive surgery" to purge sin or dismantle our over-inflated ego. Be prepared.

星期二 2024年2月13日 今日读经:马可福音9章


  1. 耶稣的变象 (可9:2-13)揭开了天父对耶稣门徒的吩咐“你们要听他”,这个他指的就是耶稣。(可9:7)

反思(1): 你听从了吗?你忠心、专注地跟随耶稣吗?

  1. “不明白”和“不敢问”这双重障碍(可9:32)让门徒无法传杨耶稣和父的心意,虽然门徒在这之前已见过其他见证人如摩西和以利亚。


  1. 骄傲能够让你在许多事情上盲目(可9:33-37)。相反的,应该拥有做仆人的心志(可9:35)和小孩的心态(可9:37)。要当心,尤其当你的行为使到其中一个像小孩一样的信徒犯罪或跌倒时。