QT 14/04/2024 Sunday READ John 7. "Come to me & drink. 到我这里来喝"

QT 14/04/2024 Sunday READ John 7. "Come to me & drink. 到我这里来喝"

QT 14/04/2024 Sunday READ John 7. "Come to me & drink."

John wrote to testify to readers, both Jews and Gentiles, that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name" (John 20:31).

In John 7, this testimony continued. "He is a good man" (John 7:12), "this man has learning" (John 7:15), "many people believed in him" (John 7:31). His "signs" were more than sufficient to prove that He was the Messiah. "This really is the Prophet" (John 7:40) and "the Christ" (John 7:41).

Even the attempts of Jesus' opponents to ridicule His birth place as not being from Bethlehem (John 7:41-43) worked in Jesus' favour because He was indeed from Bethlehem and "the offspring of David" (John 7:42).

Nevertheless, many opposed Jesus, especially those who knew the Scripture and ran the temple and its festivals. Even His own brothers did not believe Him (John 7:5).

In the end, the ones who would accept Him would be those who are willing to "come to me and drink" (John 7:37). Regardless of a person's background, all are invited to enter into a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ.

This did not merely involve the intellect, which is NOT sufficient for any intimate relationship, but involved your whole person; not only being a bystander "audience", but participation on stage as "actor" instead, to witness to the beauty of the whole script of God's offer of True Water for humankind.

星期日 2024年4月14日 今日读经:约翰福音7章

约翰为要作见证,向犹太人和外邦人写道,“但把这些事记下来,是要你们信耶稣是基督,是 神的儿子,并且使你们信了,可以因他的名得生命”(约20:31)。