QT 16/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 13. The report card review. 成绩单审查。

QT 16/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 13. The report card review. 成绩单审查。

QT 16/07/2024 Tue. 1Cor 13. The report card review.
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What IF, what IF one day God gives you a REPORT CARD:-

(1) You are a "noisy gong" or "clanging cymbal" even though you appear to utter suave sounding words? (1Cor 13:1)

(2) You are a "nothing" and "gain nothing" even though you have performed seemingly big feats? (1Cor 13:2-3)

(3) Your work has failed and your most important projects were deemed things of the past? (1Cor 13:8)

(4) What IF, your life's work is found to be built on imperfectness? (1Cor 13:10)

(5) Your whole life's talk and reasoning were actually "childish" ?(1Cor 13:11)

(6) You have failed to see yourself clearly throughout your life? (1Cor 13:12)

(7) You only have attained (unknown to you) the lesser stuffs in reality? (1Cor 13:13)

(8) You strived to achieve many things but have failed to obtain the greatest (1Cor 13:13).

REFLECTION: You don't want that kind of report card comments, do you?

APPLICATION: Then Love! In all that you think and do towards others, especially the person whom you have labelled as unloving. Frequently, your love towards that person might be found lacking too.

Frequently, the "loving act" that we encounter is not of the kind that is taught by Paul. The wrong kind of love embraces untruth in the name of love. However, genuine love has a twin, it's called TRUTH, and "rejoices with the truth" (1Cor 13:6). Is your "love" of this type?

星期二 2024年7月16日 今日读经:哥林多前书13章. 成绩单审查。


(1) 你是一个“鸣的锣”或“响的钹”,虽然你表面上说的是温文尔雅的语言?(林前13:1)

(2) 你“算不得什么”也“毫无益处”,即便你行的看似伟大的事?(林前13:2-3)

(3) 你的工作是失败的而你所做的最重要的事也成为过去式?(林前13:8)

(4) 万一,你一生的工作是建立在不完美的基础上的?(林前13:10)

(5) 你一生的说话和思想是像“孩子”似的?(林前13:11)

(6) 在你的一生里,你看自己是模糊不清的?(林前13:12)

(7) 你所获得的(你自己也不晓得)实际上是不重要的? (林前13:13)

(8) 你致力于成就许多的事,但那最大的,你却没能成就。(林前13:13)



我们经常遇到的 “爱的行为 ”并不是保罗所教导的那种。错误的爱以 “爱 ”的名义拥抱不真实的事物。然而,真正的爱有一个孪生兄弟,就是“真理”,并“只喜欢真理”(林前13:6)。你的“爱”是这种吗?