QT 17/05/2024 Friday Daniel 10. God's help in difficult times. 上帝在困难时期给予的帮助

QT 17/05/2024 Friday Daniel 10. God's help in difficult times. 上帝在困难时期给予的帮助
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QT 17/05/2024 Friday Daniel 10.

MEDITATION: The vision that Daniel saw regarding a man terrified him. Daniel had already been mourning for three weeks (Dan 10:2-3). Not only was there a conflict between God's people on earth and those who opposed God, the man "clothed in linen" (Dan 10:5) also revealed conflict in the spiritual realm.

The man himself also faced opposition, in that "The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days" (Dan 10:13). There was the "prince of Greece" to deal with too (Dan 10:20). Nevertheless, the man encouraged Daniel by revealing that he received help from Michael (Dan 10:13,21).

Even a spiritual giant like Daniel could feel weariness, to the point of saying "no strength was left in me" (Dan 10:8), trembling (Dan 10:11) and being speechless (Dan 10:15). He was overwhelmed by conflict between those who rolled out God's plan and those who were bent on opposing God's people.

But hope is not lost, because the LORD of the spiritual realm is able to function in the realm of Daniel and his people too through the ministry of His own messengers, "Again one having the appearance of a man touched me and strengthened me" (Dan 10:18). In addition, "what is inscribed in the book of truth" (Dan 10:21) suggests the authorship and ownership of history as belonging to the LORD and no one else.

REFLECTION: Are we opposing God's plan all the time? Or are we working in close partnership with those whom God has called us to belong to?

Are we standing firm on truth in this spiritual battle? This whole life-time of ours is one (and only one) big chance to stand on God's truth. Make the correct choice today.

星期五2024年5月17日 今日读经:但以理书10章。上帝在困难时期给予的帮助。