QT 18/02/2024 Sunday Mark 13. Spiritual awakeness benefits. 心灵觉醒的益处

QT 18/02/2024 Sunday Mark 13. Spiritual awakeness benefits. 心灵觉醒的益处

QT 18/02/2024 Sunday Mark 13

The disciples and everyone else are told to "stay awake"! (Mark 13:37)

In Mark 13:1-4, Jesus' leaving the Second Temple* of Israel seems an abandonment of it for DESTRUCTION. The Second Temple, even though built with "wonderful stones" into "wonderful buildings" (Mark 13:1), shames the God identified with it. No conclusion other than DESTRUCTION seems appropriate.

The nearest you can go to the "Most Holy Place" of the Second Temple today is to dig a tunnel outside the Western Wall until you reach a place "opposite the foundation stone and the site of the Holy of Holies" of the Second Temple - underground.

You can see worshippers holding on to the Torah, reciting and nodding their heads. But they are in a TUNNEL, UNDERGROUND, opposite the FOUNDATION of the destroyed temple of Mark 13:1-2. There is no bright and glorious entry into that temple today.

The site today displays the consequences of unheeded warnings for the Second Temple of Jesus' time. It also serves as a visual aid and warning—to be faithful, and "Therefore stay awake—for you do not know when the master of the house will come, in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or in the morning" (Mark 13:35).

REFLECTION : Am I putting my life in order so as to prepare for Jesus' return when "they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory" (Mark 13:26)?

*The First Temple was built by Solomon but destroyed by the Babylonians about 586 B.C. The Second Temple was erected in its place. Subsequently (a few hundred years later) it was enhanced by Herod the Great and the completion of the entire complex took "forty six years" (John 2:20).

星期日 2024年2月18日 今日读经:马可福音13章. 心灵觉醒的益处

门徒和其他人都被告知要警醒!(马可福音 13:37)

在马可福音 13:1-4 中,耶稣离开以色列的第二圣殿* 似乎是为了毁灭而抛弃了它。尽管第二圣殿是用 "何等的石头" 建成的 "何等的殿宇"(马可福音 13:1)。但它却羞辱了与之相称的上帝。除了拆毁圣殿,似乎没有其他合适的结论。

今天,离第二圣殿的 "至圣所 "最近的地方是在西墙外挖一条隧道,一直挖到第二圣殿的 "基石和圣殿所在地的对面"--地下。你可以看到朝拜者手持旧约圣经《托拉》,诵读并点头。但他们是在地下的一个隧道里,与马可福音 13:1-2 中被摧毁的圣殿的基石相对。今天的圣殿没有光辉灿烂的入口。

今天的遗址展示了耶稣时代的第二圣殿没有听从警告的后果。这也是一个警告的视听教材:要忠心,"所以你们要儆醒,因为你们不知道家主什么时候来,或晚上,或半夜,或鸡叫,或早晨“ (马可福音 13:35)。

反思:我是否在安排自己的生活,为耶稣的再来做好准备,"那时他们(马太二十四章三十节作地上的万族)要看见人子有大能力,大荣耀,驾云降临。"(马可福音 13:26)?

*所罗门建造了第一圣殿,但在公元前 586 年左右被巴比伦人摧毁。随后(几百年后),大希律王对第二圣殿进行了扩建,整个建筑的完工历时 "四十六年"(约翰福音 2:20)。