QT 18/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 4. Young at heart for tough assignments. 年轻的心,胜任艰巨的任务。

QT 18/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 4. Young at heart for tough assignments. 年轻的心,胜任艰巨的任务。

QT 18/07/2024 Thu. Ezekiel 4.
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MEDITATION: Ezekiel (probably only 25 years old then), was among the first batch of exiles taken to Babylon (about 597 B.C.). Judah's king Jehoiachin (18 years old) was also exiled (2Kgs 24:10-16). For both the young prophet and the king, these were tremendous times of lostness and anxiety.

REFLECTION: JYFers, YFers and others who are young at heart and in mind: Are you prepared to shoulder the task of faithfully witnessing to your generation in spite of vicious opposition and ever-present ridicule? Are you ready in terms of resolve, resources and training?

Ezekiel was asked to act out the drama of the siege against Jerusalem (Ezek 4:1-8) as part of his prophet messaging. He was even asked to use human dung (Ezek 4:12) and animal dung as fuel for cooking (Ezk 4:15). This was totally against their ceremonial laws regarding clean and unclean distinctions.

REFLECTION: The LORD wanted Ezekiel to experience the siege using a scaled down model of Jerusalem (Ezek 4:1-3) so that he might experience the pain of his people, who "rot away because of their punishment" (Ezek 4:17). Are you also aware of the lessons which the LORD might set for you to help you identify with the pain of others as part of ministry preparation?

星期四 2024年7月18日 今日读经:以西结书4章. 年轻的心,胜任艰巨的任务。