QT 19/03/2023 Tuesday Read Luke 20. Flee from slippery slopes. 逃离滑坡.

QT 19/03/2023 Tuesday Read Luke 20. Flee from slippery slopes. 逃离滑坡.

QT 19/03/2023 Tuesday Read Luke 20

  1. Questions can be used to learn, or to embarrass others. Answers can build up, rebut or destroy.

REFLECTION (1): How am I using my questions? With appropriate wisdom?

APPLICATION (1): Pray that God would give us wisdom to know when to answer (Luke 20:34-38), when NOT TO answer (Luke 20:8), and when to answer with a QUESTION (Luke 20:4).

  1. Those who reject the Son and kill Him would be answerable to the Father. Not only would the Jerusalem Temple be destroyed in A.D. 70, its destruction also signified everlasting punishment for those who reject the Son.

APPLICATION (2): Watch out for the first step into sin - the second step inevitably follows (perhaps with even more ease). Therefore flee first!

If a person is not careful, that person would proceed from beating up people (Luke 20:11), to shaming people (Luke 20:11), sending away empty handed (Luke 20:11), wounding people (Luke 20:12), throwing out people (Luke 20:12) and FINALLY killing people (Luke 20:15). The tenants might not even be conscious of THEIR PROGRESSION here!

Sin and hypocrisy (Luke 20:45-47) are like slippery slopes, inclined and greased with much oil. Once a person starts to slide on the slope, it's difficult to walk back straight up. Therefore, stay away!

星期二 2024年3月19日 今日读经:路加福音20章. 逃离滑坡.

  1. 问题(询问)可以用来学习或者用来使人难堪。答案可以建造、反驳或摧毁人。



  1. 那些拒绝子并杀害祂的将必须向父交待。耶路撒冷的圣殿不只在主后70年被毁,它的被毁也象征着那些拒绝神的儿子的人将受到永恒的惩罚。