QT 20/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 15. Obvious truth, obstinate hearts. 显而易见的真理,顽固不化的心灵。

QT 20/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 15. Obvious truth, obstinate hearts. 显而易见的真理,顽固不化的心灵。

QT 20/02/2024 Tuesday Mark 15

Jesus IS the Son of God and Son of Man.

The question "Are you the King of the Jews?" is the only one that NEEDS to be answered with a "Yes" (Mark 15:2-5);

The phrase "King of the Jews" comes out of Pilate's mouth a second time (Mark 15:9) and a THIRD time (Mark 15:12);

Pilate himself knows that Jesus has been brought before him "out of envy" (Mark 15:10) rather than guilt;

Pilate even asks rhetorically, "Why, what evil has he done?" (Mark 15:14);

The soldiers "crowned" Jesus, the significance of which is beyond what the soldiers themselves understood (Mark 15:17). They even saluted Him (Mark 15:18) and put on Him the robe of ROYAL colour - purple (Mark 15:17), kneeling down even (Mark 15:19);

The phrase "King of the Jews" crops up for the 4th time again - now from the soldiers' mouths (Mark 15:18);

The phrase "The King of the Jews" appears for a RECORD 5th time - now on a charge on the sign at the crucifixion site (Mark 15:26);

In fact, Jesus IS the Messiah also, not just King (Mark 15:32);

Jesus' "kingship" theme appears for a 6TH TIME - He IS "King of Israel" (Mark 15:32);

Rome's representative (the Centurion) declares toward the end: - "Surely this man was the Son of God" (Mark 15:39).

S-Word, I don't think you can miss what Mark is trying to portray here.

REFLECTION (1): In what ways can others see that Jesus IS YOUR KING?

===FURTHER REFLECTIONS =============

A behaviour repeated over time becomes a habit: "The crowd came up and asked Pilate to do for them what he usually did" (Mark 15:8).

This behaviour of releasing a guilty person at a Feast has become a custom (Mark 15:6). This custom has blinded the crowd to the merits of the matter before them. Barabbas is a murdering insurrectionists (Mark 15:7), a serious crime against Rome.

Pilate even suggests that Jesus be released, but the priests and the crowd  still actively choose Barabbas (Mark 15:9-13).

We do not fully understand why the crowd acted that way except "out of envy" (Mark 15:10). However, give some thoughts to how repeated behaviours can numb a person even when circumstances change.

REFLECTION (2): Does your routine in life lead you to sin or numbness as regards spiritual matters?

Break that cycle, one moment at a time. Perhaps, your mind can then be released and focus on the obvious and important things in front of you, e.g., that Jesus is the Son of Man and Son of God, and ponder on the life implications of that declaration.

星期二 2024年2月20日 今日读经:马可福音15章. 显而易见的真理,顽固不化的心灵。











罗马的代表(百夫长)最后宣告:-"这人真是 神的儿子!”(可15:39)。