QT 20/06/2024 Thu. Romans 10. Unity: saved the same way, not works but grace. 合一: 一样的得救方式,不是靠行为,而是恩典。

QT 20/06/2024 Thu. Romans 10. Unity: saved the same way, not works but grace. 合一: 一样的得救方式,不是靠行为,而是恩典。

QT 20/06/2024 Thu. Romans 10. Unity: saved the same way, not works but grace.

Paul prayed for his fellow Jews in Romans 10:1 even though the majority of them had rejected Jesus. There will be a remnant of them that remains (Rom 9:27). But we do not know exactly who they are. Only God knows. Therefore, the prayer for salvation must be for everyone that we meet, for now.

Religious zeal must have a correct direction. Seeking to establish their own righteousness is zeal wrongly placed (Rom 10:3). Do not do the UNNECESSARY thing (earning salvation by works), when God has already provided salvation through Christ.

Not surprisingly, Paul mentions Moses and Deuteronomy. It's God's GRACE through FAITH all along - according to what God has revealed to that generation. The Land of Canaan is a gift for those who believe God enough to acknowledge and receive it (Lev 18:5, Deut 30:12-13). In the same way, salvation is a GIFT for those who acknowledge their own inadequacies but approriate God's provisions for life and relationship with Him.

Consider similar verses from Deut 5:6; Deut 6:4–9; Deut 7:7–9; Deut 10:12-13. Therefore, instead of hunting for it, we just need to KNOW IT, ACKNOWLEDGE IT (Rom 10:2) and SUBMIT to it (Rom 10:3).

This involves CONFESSING with your mouths that "Jesus is Lord" (Rom 10:9) and "BELIEVE in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved" (Rom 10:9). A ROBOTIC and MINDLESS uttering of the words "Jesus is Lord" without the involvement of the heart (the seat of our emotions, mind and will) will not do.

On the other hand, a GENUINE believing heart would inevitably SHOW ITSELF UP in some form of OUTWARD expression, e.g., CONFESSING with the MOUTH sooner rather than later.

REFLECTION: How frequent do I acknowledge that Jesus is LORD in my daily encounter with others?

星期四 2024年6月20日 今日读经:罗马书10章. 合一: 一样的得救方式,不是靠行为,而是恩典。


宗教的热忱一定要有正确的方向。企图建立自己的义是把热忱错放在不对的位置(罗10:3)。不要做那没有必要去做的事 (以行为赚取救恩),当神已经借着基督成就了救恩。



这需要用口承认“耶稣是主”(罗10:9)并“心里信 神使他从死人中复活,就必得救”(罗10:9)。机械性和毫无思考、毫无诚心(我们的情感、心思和意念)地胡乱说出“耶稣是主”是不行的。


反省: 在我的日常生活当中, 我是否常常的表达耶稣基督是我的主?