QT 21/02/2024 Wednesday Mark 16. Molded by God's Word? 被上帝的话语所塑造?

QT 21/02/2024 Wednesday Mark 16. Molded by God's Word? 被上帝的话语所塑造?

QT 21/02/2024 Wednesday Mark 16

Jesus IS the Son of God and Son of Man. "He has risen! He is not here," NOT in the tomb (Mark 16:6).

The ROMAN governor accepted that Jesus was already dead (15:44) - he would not want an empty tomb just to cause suspicions that Jesus had arisen and over-powered all the guards that secured the tomb. This would have been dangerous evidence that the execution squad or Roman guards had done a poor job - they might get themselves executed for that.

The JEWS did not have the dead body. Or else they just need to PARADE IT to destroy Mark's account of resurrection.

The DISCIPLES denied Him or fled and back to fishing. They were too fearful and ill equipped to over-power the guards and steal Jesus body. Look, there was no point for them to steal the body and maintain a resurrection story which they KNEW to be a lie (and get martyred for that) IF this theft is true.

The WOMEN were there to anoint Jesus' body (Mark 16:1). Theft as a proposal did not fit their profile nor capability in light of the "very large" stone (Mark 16:4).

Who else would possibly want to steal His body? If there is none, then "He has risen".

REFLECTION: Are you accepting Mark's account that Jesus "has risen" and is alive "just as he told you" (Mark 16:7)? Are you living your lives in light of that claim?

星期三 2024年2月21日 今日读经:马可福音16章. 被上帝的话语所塑造?


1.罗马的官员接受耶稣已死的事实(15:44)- 他不想因为一个空墓穴而引起怀疑,说耶稣已起来并击倒了所有守卫在墓前的侍卫。这或许是对他们的不利证据,因这表示行刑的队伍或罗马侍卫没有把工作做好--他们或因此被抓去行刑。





反思:你是否接受马可所说的,耶稣“已经复活”且活生生的“正如他从前告诉你们的”(可16:7)? 你称祂已复活,那你是否活出相称的生命来?